“If you haven't heard of Edward de Bono or of Lateral Thinking, perhaps you have been too busy thinking in conventional ways."  Forbes  

Lateral Thinking, provides a deliberate, systematic process resulting in innovative thinking. The training will teach you how to think creatively, turn problems into opportunities, find alternative solutions, & dramatically increase your number of new and practical ideas using unconventional thinking techniques normally untapped by our usual ways of thinking.

Who Needs Lateral Thinking? 

Not only people who devise strategy or work in R & D, but anyone who wants a disciplined process for innovation, idea generation, concept development, creative problem solving, or a strategy to challenge the status quo can benefit from Lateral Thinking.  If you face fast-changing trends, fierce competition, and the need to work miracles, you need Lateral Thinking.

The Lateral Thinking techniques are useful in a variety of applications.

  • Constructively challenge the status quo to enable new ideas to  surface
  • Find and build on the concept behind an idea to create more ideas
  • Solve problems in ways that don’t initially come to mind
  • Turn problems into opportunities and select the best alternate ideas and implement them.


How can new ideas solve old problems when new ideas are often the problem?
If we want to stop new problems becoming old problems and old problems
getting older, we really do need new, original ideas that have value. The quality of our future will depend directly on the quality of our thinking. Regardless of who you are, what you do, what level in society you operate in, your thinking creates your reality, whatever the issue at hand, be it environmental, social, political, corporate or personal. At the core, is the need to change perceptions about problem-solving and thinking, if we are to take the quality of our future seriously. To do this, we need new tools in our 21-century tool box, not simply those of analyses, data gathering and logical ways of thinking.

How can Lateral Thinking help?
According to Dr Edward de Bono (the innovator and architect of Lateral Thinking or ‘out the box’ thinking as it is commonly referred to), the basic software of human thinking is backward-looking and based on information, analysis  and judgment. Usually, we analyse the situation and seek to identify standard elements, which arise from our previous  experience. He calls this type of thinking “Vertical Thinking”. Then we provide the standard answer to the standard element. This is excellent, just as the front left wheel of a motorcar is excellent, but it is not enough!

Lateral thinking (which is a trainable skill using systematic tools) seeks new ways of looking at a problem rather than proceeding by logical steps. Lateral thinking is concerned with breaking out of the concept presence of old ideas.  This leads to changes in attitude and approach; to looking in a different way at things which have always been looked at in the same way. Liberation from old ideas and the stimulation of new ones are twin aspects of lateral thinking.

In learning how to thinking laterally we still require the skills of “Vertical Thinking” or ordinary logic. Both types of  thinking are essential for a well designed future.

What is Creative Thinking?
Creativity is defined here as ‘the ability to have original ideas that have value’.
Lateral thinking is a creative activity, but it is not reserved exclusively for creative
people i.e. geniuses, artists, musicians etc. Our education does not focus on teaching
thinking or creativity as a skill so many people think of themselves as
“uncreative” and do not give themselves the chance or the freedom to create.
The good news is that anyone can learn to think laterally and therefore creatively!
Just at varying degrees. No different to anyone can learn to play tennis, but not everyone  can win Wimbledon. You don’t have to be ‘creative’. You don’t have to be a
genius. You just have to be prepared to apply the De Bono tools, open your mind,
explore seemingly absurd concepts, to arrive at unique ideas that have value and
will transform your product, service or simply…. the future .

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