About Dr Edward De Bono

His credentials speak for themselves and have stood the test of time. Dr Edward de Bono is a highly sought after trainer and speaker presenting to senior executives and academics in more than 50 countries.

Academic, Author, Innovator, Advisor

  • Rhodes Scholar at Oxford
  • MD with a PhD in Psychology and Physiology
  • Faculty appointments at Cambridge, Oxford
  • London & Harvard Universities
  • D.Des (Doctor of Design) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology- LL.D from Dundee
  • He has published more than 80 books that have been translated into 40 languages on the subject of thinking.
  • Creator of Lateral Thinking
  • Creator of Parallel Thinking and Six Thinking Hats methodology
  • Creator of Six Value Medals
  • Nobel Laureates
  • United States Navy
  • Governments 

Respected and acknowledged

  • Ranked by many university Professors as one of the top 250 people of all time who have contributed to humanity
  • Ranked in Top 50 Business Intellectuals in Accenture Top Thinkers & Writers in Management
  • Ranked number 40 on the 2007 Business Thinkers 50 List
  • EU Appointed Ambassador for Creativity and Innovation 2009
  • Nominated for Nobel Prize for Economics in 2005
  • Served on the judging panel for Saatchi & Saatchi’s Award for World Changing Ideas
  • Peter Ueberroth credits lateral thinking for helping the 1984 Olympic Games turn a profit.

Founder of

  • World Centre for New Thinking
  • International Creative Forum for leading corporations
  • International Creativity Office in New York for UN Member Countries - the largest programme in the world for direct teaching of thinking

Success Stories...

Siemans: Products to market 50% faster
A division of Siemans reduced product development time by 50% after incorporating De Bono's Six Thinking Hats into the process

Cadiz Asset Management:
“For anyone who has suffered the frustration of circular debates and endless meetings, the Six Thinking Hats provides the perfect antidote.” Phil Sturgess, Director

Kevlar: 30 million dollar suggestion
The reengineering of a manufacturing process for Kevlar – eliminated 9 steps in the manufacturing process as a result of De Bono's Lateral Thinking Techniques

IBM: Quality Thinking Essentials
“Our key professionals have embraced De Bono's creative thinking techniques. They have a profound impact on the quality of our thinking at IBM.” Jack Smulowitz, IBM   

Du Pont: Major breakthrough in process continuity
“At Du Pont we have experienced the power of deliberate, systematic application of the De Bono tools to practical problems with remarkable results. For example, Lateral Thinking led to a major breakthrough in process continuity at a fibre plant with a radical altering of basic equipment design, reducing the number of moving parts by 80%.”  David Tanner, Director

Nestle:  Quick Ideas
“We need ideas and we need them quickly – that's when De Bono's tools really work.” Helmut Moucher, Chief Executive 

Companies that use De Bono’s thinking methods...

Absa Bank
Alps Electric
American Express
Astra Zeneca
Bank of Bahrain
British Government
Cadiz Asset Management
Channel 4 Television
Coca Cola
De Beers
Dubai World Trade Centre
Du Pont

Emerson Scroll Compressors
Erie Regional Chamber &
Growth Partnership
Ernst & Young
Hewlett Packard
JP Morgan
Johnson & Johnson
Kemin Industries
MDS Sciex

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